For business owners that want to do it themselves but need guidance, support and accountability.

Execute Those Marketing Ideas That Have Been Floating Around Now!

With the “Everyday Marketing People” marketing mentoring and coaching program you will get one-on-one support for all your marketing plans that include:

  • Clarity on your target audience, your messaging, your go-to-marketing strategy and the most meaningful marketing tactics and channels for your unique business.
  • Guidance from me (Andrea Spector) a marketing expert, coach and teacher with over 15 years of experience. 
  • Support and Feedback that will eliminate the feeling of overwhelm. You will receive the confidence that you are approaching your marketing correctly. There is no need to struggle in isolation. I got you! 
  • Access to web designers, content developers, social media experts and more so your ideas can quickly come to life. 
  • Accountability and structure to help you stay on track. You’ll stop feeling bad about not doing it. I will keep you encouraged instead of discouraged and keep you consistent in your marketing efforts.

No more feeling frustrated and behind in your marketing efforts all the time. I will help you get your marketing done and done right!